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Thursday, 10 March 2016


Ooops ! I forgot to post this ....

Sunday , being Mother's Day, was a lovely day. I was thoroughly spoiled by my two little darlings and further spoiled with a lovely Indian meal from my Big Darling. A few glasses of wine , Call the Midwife on TV.... could it get any better than that ? Well it nearly , yes nearly did. I have lived in Aberdeen now for around 20 years ...Jings ! Anyway , I remember the first time I arrived , driving up in the dark and coming over the top of a wee hill and looking down on the city spread out in front of me and loudly singing " The northern lights of old Aberdeen...." Yes you can picture the scene I'm sure. I WAS rather excited and giddy at the prospect of starting a new nursing course and the looked forward to the challenge of a new life in a new city.
It wasn't too long before I realised that the song perhaps wasn't referring to the city lights but in fact The NORTHERN Lights ... the real ones up in the sky that dance and change and disappear as soon as they appear . Many people follow their mysterious antics all over the world and of course I wanted to see them too. As soon as you say to people that you live in Aberdeen , they ask if you have seen them and to my utmost shame I have to confess that no , I haven't. Well that brings me back to last evening. Sitting all curled up in the warmth with a few glasses of wine and a delish plate of Rogan Josh in my belly , I was having a wee perusal through the many pages of Facebook , only to see that my feed was filled with people posting photos of the Northern Lights. "Oh wow !" I sighed "Just look at this..." and handed my phone to Hubby.
Next thing I knew he jumped up shouting for me to grab my coat and off we set in the car. we drove excitedly north heading further into the countryside, hoping that this would be the time I would see my beloved Lights.

Alas no .
The snow came on and the further north we drove the heavier the snow and the more skiddy the roads got. Eventually , we decided to head home. We turned the car round and sadly set back along the road. It wasn't until we were almost home that we realised we were both still in our PJs - such was the hurry to get out the door.

I WILL see them - if it's good enough for Joanna Lumley , it's good enough for me !

Ta ta for now ,
Kate x

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