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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Hi there,
Sorry I'm later than I expected with this post know the normal life creeps in and takes over my little crafty world from time to time, darn it !!
Anyway I'm back !!! I'm in the middle of clearing and sorting my crafty attic so before I head up there again I thought I would share some makes with Tattered Lace new "huggables" dies.
So you all know by now that I like to do things a wee bit differently so when these dies arrived ( we just get the dies, un-named and with no instructions, )I looked at them and realised pretty quickly how they were supposed to work  but..........I decided to play instead !

So I'd like to share with you another way to use your dies. I die cut the flower Huggable die and snipped out some of the parts to leave me with a suitable image. I applied a light spray of temporary adhesive art spra to the back of it and attached to a piece of heavy watercolour card. I then used it as a mask and painted inside the lines with several layers of washes. I waited for this to dry then went back in with a less dilute version of the same colour to add depth to the petals ( A nod to Cath Kidson's style) Anyway, I think it worked rather well. I then lifted my "mask" repositioned it , slightly lower this time, and did the same again. I thien painted in a little wash of a light-ish green and left to dry. 

So. although I was pleased with my results,it did look rather wishy washy . So what do you do when this happens ? Well it is a case of trial and error really but I knew that I needed something to act as contrast so what better than BLACK ! 
A little black mat and BAM it pops out the flower image ! I found a green dotty piece of scrap paper in my stash , mounted that onto black card also. Both panels were adhered to a 6"x 6"white scallop edged card, a couple of white buttons attached to the side and a black "With Love" sentiment to complete it.

Just another way to use your dies....Yeah now you're raking through your dies and looking at them in a different way huh?

Til next time ,
Kate x

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Hello there,
Where have you been ?  Ok so I have lots of crafty pics to share with you - am trying to think what the last little treats were that I shared with you were.
Anyway here are the latest makes from the new range of dies from Tattered Lace. It's from a  new set of dies which are called Huggables. The idea of the dies are to adorn a gatefold card and meet in the middle. Well you know me I like to be a bit different so here are some of my makes.

So what you see here is one of the dies- I cut it in white card then again in yellow, pink ,green and blue, snipped away the relevant bits and glued them onto the white image underneath. I then layered this on top of a pink card base. The flowers are made by using one of strip dies. I cut it out from pink and then carefully snipped around them and glued them in the corner . Its nice and fresh looking I think......just ready for spring !!
Here are some more....

This one made from craft card is actually an easel card and I used the strip die on the inside to act as a stopper.

This one shows the huggable  die on the left hand side and the coordinating strip die on the right. However the extra butterflies are also snipped from the huggable die - how very handy eh !

Now this is one of my favourites ! I cut the dies out from black card stock and then again from various other colours and then spent a wee while very carefully, trying not to sneeze and blow them away, piecing in the gaps. Striking huh ?

So I have a few others to show you and well ok, I may just do some cards using the dies in the way they are meant to be used !!!!
But hey I also have some arty alternatives too ....
Time to crack on !
Bye for now .