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Thursday, 3 March 2016

It's March !!!

So where did February go ? Have I missed it ?

Okay so I was working lots of random shifts and felt as though I was never away from the day job ...or  should I say the night job !!! I work part-time ( debatable !) as a Midwife. I love my job , I really do. The job itself is fabulous, challenging, exciting, and at times very unpredictable. But at the end of the day what could be nicer than welcoming some little prince or princess into the world and have the absolute honour of being part of one of the most special days in someone's life. It really is a privilege to be there.
Anyway , back to my alter-ego Crafty Kate !

I have been trying to fit in a bit of daily craft in an attempt to keep hold of the crafty mojo. Sometimes it might be a card , sometimes a bit of sketching, or even a wee bit of knitting. Anything to keep the crafty part of my brain switched on.

With that in mind , when I was asked to do some card classes at my local classes I accepted the challenge. Sadly I only had a couple of crafters turn up but maybe that will get better the more I do and the more my name is mentioned. I also think at this time of the year after the rush to get all the Xmas stuff done , we kinda like to put it all away and have a bit of a break. Fingers crossed anyway for the next time.

I have a few pictures of some makes for you . I was recently asked to make  card for a friend who wanted a card for twin boys. I'll leave it to you to guess which one was chosen .....

Bye for now,
Kate x

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