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Sunday, 12 June 2016

I know I'm just teasing aren't I hee hee.

These are the cutest of stamps and I had sooooo much fun crafting lots of projects . The  hardest part was deciding which ones to send  in.

Top tip-  when you buy a new set of stamps , ink them up and stamp them out in a  basic black colour onto some cheap copy paper. Then stand back with your cup of tea and just have a look at all the images.
I am very guilty of buying a stamp pack for the main image and then never really look at the other little ones that come with it. Crazy , right ? Anyway , not with these babies , that's for sure.

Such fun......

No more sneak peeks...... If I've figured out this scheduling thing on here , you should see the whole collection on Sunday before the shows go out on Monday


Kate x

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