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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

I have a few days off as I am not working til Saturday night- yahoooooo !
Anyway, I was feeling rather energetic for a change and blitzed my way through the housework, made some soup, returned some stuff to a shop, had a nap......and tomorrow I craft !!

Can't wait ......
But what will I do ? Cards ......decorate some some painting...
oh the delicious choice that is waiting for me !!! I've been in the mood to draw today and have been thinking about it all day. It's been driving me crazy in fact as I just know that tomorrow I won't even want to pick a pencil up !!!
So anyway, I dug this wee guy out of a folder. I drew him a few years back when I was asked to design some stamps for Personal Impressions. They rejected  him , as well as many others but I think a wee set of beach themed pics would be cool as we are all currently shivering in this weirdly late chilly weather... oh well, off to sharpen my pencil.

See ya 
Kate x

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