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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Animal friends

Hey there !

It's been a bit frantic here on the crafty front and I really did go to the attic with good intentions of producing a set of instructions on how to make up the latest creations form Tattered Lace (Tiny Tubs), but you know what ? I'm not going to - not because I got side tracked in sparkly/glittery stuff or anything ....ahem ! But because they are literally soooooo easy to put together it would be a little insulting to anyone that owns a glue stick !.

I am actually going to sent a stack of uncut ones to my sister who currently child minds , however like myself , she has always been creative and crafty. She constantly has her table full of crafty bits and lets all her little charges loose to get on and craft..... Isn't that great ??? Anyway , I think they will get on fine with some scissors to cut out theses shapes, and if I have time , I might even just get some cut in a larger size using my Scan n Cut. Where would I be without it ?
Anyway, I thought you might like to see some other pics too !

Bye for now
K x

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